Step 4 is optional. The 3 options are:

Enable launching LinuxLive in Windows (= Virtualization):

This is the most important option. It allows you to launch a LinuxLive directly in any Windows without any configuration nor software installation on your hard drive. No other Creator offers this exclusive feature.

LinuxLive USB Creator made it possible with a special homemade version of the famous virtualization software VirtualBox. It will download this portable version on your USB key (no installation) and will set it automatically for you. If you don't know what virtualization is, then read the What is virtualization? article of the FAQ.

To launch your LinuxLive in Windows, just run Virtualize_This_Key.exe * located in the VirtualBox folder on your USB key.

* Be aware that you need local administrator's privileges in order to launch VirtualBox.

Hide created files on the USB key:

This will just hide the files created on the USB key. The files will be invisible only in Windows because of attributes S (system) and H (hidden). To see the files, go in Folder Options -> View -> Advanced settings and check Show hidden files and folders.

This option is quite useful because many files will be created on your USB key.

Format the USB key in FAT32:

Use this option if your USB key is using NTFS, if you need more space or if you want to clean your USB key.

Be careful, it will erase EVERYTHING on your USB key.

Do not ask me to make it work on NTFS, it does not depend on me.


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